Reasons For Ecotel On The Moon

1.Exploration and Recreation-
Man has always had a spirit of enquiry. He has always had a thirst of knowledge. Scientists have recently thought of Ecotel as a great idea especially on the moon because of his curiousity.
Common man has always desired to travel in outer space but has never accomplished because of the confinement of cost, and his knowledge of space science is lacking.
Thus Ecotel on moon will fulfill this dream omany.

2. Water
The recent discovery of water all over the surface of the Moon is one of the reasons moon is chosen for Ecotel.
There is likely water in the shadowed craters in the polar regions, but being able to extract water from the top 2 mm of soil is a process that can be carried out anywhere. Also, it costs $10,000 to send a kg of payload to low Earth orbit, and to the Moon (if I remember correctly) it would cost around $200,000 per kg. In other words, just 5 litres of water created on the Moon saves us $1 million that would otherwise have to be spent sending the water from Earth.

3.Save of Resources
Ecotel is basically a great medium of tourism and at the same time saving energy by recycling goods and reusing them to save energy. Ecotel is also a future exhibit at the moon as a lot of resources have been drained out because of man's activities like mining,population explosion,and the thirst of new and more resources. Man is eating away the earth's resources at an alarming rate which is lading to many factors like global warming,i.e. excess green house effect, and which is consequently leading to a a lot of degredation.

In addition to the short 3-day travel time to the Moon, it is also close enough that near real-time communication between those on Earth and the Moon can take place. If you've ever watched communication between astronauts in space and mission control on the ground you know how important this can be, as astronauts converse continually with mission control in order to carry out their mission objectives as precisely as possible.

The Moon has days and nights of 14 days in length each, but luckily it also has a few peaks of near eternal light where electricity can be gathered up to 89% of the time.