What is being done??

Most of us appreciate the beauty of a full Moon sedately moving across our night skies. The Moon seems unchanging, as if for eons it has been there, controlling the tides, going through its phases every month and inspiring poets and lovers. It might surprise you to know that in the past, things were much different, and they are still changing.
Drilling has been done on the moon for the start of an ecotel. The picture given shows how an ecotel is made. The construction signifies the advancement in tecnnology. Technology has reached such pinnacles where man has almost reached those goals which he may have never even thought of.

Working with Russian space officials, a private firm plans to sell a flyby trip to the moon. Price per passenger: 100 million dollars (U.S.).

  If the plan takes off, two space tourists and their pilot would spend 10 to 21 days crammed in a passenger car-size Soyuz space module.


1.It reduces the load on resources and prevents them from being exhausted.
2.It is a better and very eco-friendly way of tourism and therefore helps mankind.
3.It provides income to the country and provide employment to the needy.
4.It saves on unneccesary expenses.